Play and Learn in an Eco-friendly way.....

Every Choice Matter.

Ailefo Organic Modeling Clay is the First and Only Organic Modeling Clay in Europe.

Received "Company of the Year 2017" 


Exclusively Produced From Food Grade Ingredients.

Organic Plant Oil used. During play the plant oils will protect the little hands against dryness and strengthen the skin barrier.

Natural Dyes used included blue-green algae, fungus Blaskeslea Trispora, grass and other green plants, red fruits, vegetables and burned Sugar. 


Ailefo organic modeling clay contains high quality certified organic ingredients

Allergy Friendly - NO Perfume or Parabens. Preservatives are mild, food grade and approved for use in organic cosmetics.

Quality Tested in the Lab 

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A-Labelled Product - you are guaranteed a product which complies not only with Danish legislation, but to even stricter regulations in areas such as heavy metals, allergenic and endocrine disrupters.

Environmental Friendly Packaging

The tube is made from 100% recycled paper and the label is a water based glue.