Nilaqua® EN1500 approved alcohol-free product range is non tainting so it can be used on any hard surface, including toys. This multipurpose cleaner is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, wooden surfaces, hallways and even out and visiting public places! Nilaqua® surface spray kills up to 99.9999% of germs like MRSA, C-diff and E-coli, salmonella and more in just 30 seconds. Vegan Friendly and Tested food safe!




·      NHS UK Approved products

·      Kills Norovirus, C-DIFF, MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella, Listeria

·      Kills up to 99.9999% of bacteria within 30 seconds

·      Leaves surfaces bacteria free up to 30 days

·      Alcohol free and vegan friendly

·      Non-flammable and non-toxic

·      Suitable for all surfaces (non-tainting)

·      Fully compliant with EU biocide regulations

·      Tested food safe and Halal compliant

·      Tested on Medical devices

·      No water or rinsing required




Nilaqua® Antimicrobial Surface Cleaner 萬用抗菌消毒清㵖劑

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  • Ideal for:

     ·      Hospitals / Doctors’ offices / Dentists & Care Homes

    ·      Workplace / Offices & Councils

    ·      Nurseries & Schools

    ·      Hotels / Restaurants & Food Manufacturers


    How to use:

    Always spray onto a microfibre cloth, wipe area to be cleaned, allow to dry. Wear protective gloves where appropriate.

  • Nilaqua®通過EN1500測試,無酒精亦不會染污物件,可用於任何表面,包括玩具。 這款多功能清潔劑非常適合廚房,浴室,木質表面,走廊,甚至是公共場所! Nilaqua®萬用抗菌消毒噴霧可在30秒內殺死多達99.9999%的細菌,如MRSAC-diffE-coli,沙門氏菌等。 純素及已經過食品安全測試!


     •英國國民保健署(NHK UK)認可及在使用產品



















    將其噴在纖維布上,擦拭需要清潔的區域後,讓其自己乾燥。 在有需要的情況下請戴上保護手套使用此產品。


     Made in UK 英國製造

    Active Ingredients 有效成分:

    Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride and Benzalkonium Chloride