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Ailefo Organic Modelling Clay - Small Tube

SKU: 10101

Ailefo organic modelling clay is available in two different sizes, 500 grams and 800 grams. The cardboard tube contains all five colors. The colors are all natural and the clay is made from good grade only ingredients.


Ailefo有機造型粘土有兩種不同的紙管尺寸,500克和800克。 紙管包含所有五種顏色。 顏色都是天然的,粘土是由優質的食品級成分製成。

  • Product Details

    Ailefo Organic Modelling Clay - Small Tube

    丹麥有機玩具粘土 (細裝)


    Contains: 5 tubs of 100 grams of Ailefo Organic Modeling Clay.

    容量: 內有5盒,每盒淨重100克的有機粘土。


    Colors: green, blue, red, brown, yellow.

    顔色: 綠、藍、紅、啡、黃


    Ingredients: flour, water, salt, vegetable oils, natural dye, acid regulators, potassium sorbate.



    Shelf life: unopened, 1.5 year from date of manufacture.



    For hygienic reasons we recommend replacing modelling clay at regular time intervals. Our customers usually replacing the clay around every 3 months/4 months/6 months interval.


    基於衛生原因,我們建議定期更換造型粘土。 我們的客戶通常每隔3個月/ 4個月/ 6個月更換粘土一次。


    Cardboard tube紙管大小: 27 cm high(高), 7 cm diameter(直徑).


    Cardboard tube is made from 100 % recycled paper.